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Screaming Diesel Performance twin turbo kit (04.5-07) LLY/LBZ Duramax

Manufacturer Number: SDPTTLLY/LBZ
Manufacturer Name: Screaming Diesel Performance


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Duramax 04.5-07 LLY/LBZ twins- 750+RWHP

Why our kits stand out from the rest:

-We completely get rid of the EGR system in our kits and include a higher flowing passenger side intercooler tube.

-The new intercooler tube has a very solid 1/4" thick brace welded on to keep the intake horn inside the cross bridge as it was intended to from the factory.

-Completely TIG welded, makes for very smooth joints and the insides of the tubing are flush.

-Custom higher flowing mouthpiece that is also o-ringed to ensure there are no boost leaks where the mouthpiece mates with the factory turbo.

-The kit uses a Bullseye Power S475 turbo with the larger exhaust housing so its unnecessary to wastegate the setup, the spoolup is very quick with this turbo in the kit.

-We use the correct designed flange off of the back side of the factory exhaust housing, they are CNC machined and are desinged to tightly slip inside the outlet of the exhaust housing and seal exhaust flow at the v-band connection.

-High quality stainless steel v-band clamps and t-bolt clamps are used at each connection.

-The hot side piping and exhaust housing are ceramic coated and heat wrapped.

-The cold side piping and compressor housing are powdercoated color of choice.

We now have kits out for the 04.5-07 duramax's. Complete kits are $3550 + shipping. If there are any questions please call or email


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