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Windows based laptop
Basic computer skills
Internet access (does not have to be at vehicle location)

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Duramax trucks have the unique ability to able to be tuned to switch between 5 different tunes while driving. This can be helpful for different vehicle usages, road conditions, or simply valet. If you can dream it up, odds are that we can tune for it.

EFILive General info:This tuning suite is nothing short of incredible. The edit/tune software will keep you busy for days just playing around learning all the cool new stuff you can do. No other tuner, programmer, or module box can hold a candle to this package. You, the user can personally command changes to fuel pressure, fuel quanity, desired boost pressure, shift speed, rev limit, speed limit, torque management, and many many more. Unlike traditional tuning boxes which may offer three or ten tunes to choose from, EFILive allows the user to build and test as many tunes as he like. Sell all of your other modules, foolers, gadgets. EFILive is the last tuning tool you'll need.

Along with the edit software, purchasers will receive a world class scan tool that allows real time data collection from all vehicle sensors (compatible with most GM vehicles newer than '98). The scan tool gives the user insight into areas of the tune in need of adjustment, which means the calibration can be adjusted to get the best out of your particular engine/trans combination.

Your tune requests should describe the rear wheel horsepower numbers, you're looking for and also any modifications to the truck, and it's intended usage (trailering, sled pulling, drag racing,multipurpose ect.). 400RWHP is pushing the limit on a stock trans and over 425RWHP it's recommended to add a lift pump. Please download the current software release from EFILive before plugging the flashscan module into your computer to avoid driver problems. See the wiring instructions for the DSP5 setup if you'd like to use the rotary switch. Your tune will already be converted and ready for you to load into the truck when you receive it back from us. The tunes supplied by Duramaxtuner.com are exclusive to our site. They have been tested and refined; they run smooth and shift well. We take pride in our product and want to make sure you're happy with your purchase. Please call 812-344-4421 if something isn't going as planned.

VERY IMPORTANT: Always attempt a .cal reflash before attempting a full O.S. reflash your first time flashing the ECM. Also, disconnect power to all after-market electronics, and disconnect all module type boxes (Edge, Banks, ect.) in the truck before using EFILive (they may be reconnected afterward but using them to add power is not advisable).

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